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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Getting to Know Dale Jr.

I’ve never been the kind of person to watch online video chats (I’d much rather watch TV!), but when I heard about the online chat with Dale Jr. last week at ampupthe88.com, I decided to check it out. I’ve always liked Dale Jr. and thought it was nice that he would take time out of his busy schedule to take questions from fans. Despite some technical hiccups early on, the video chat was really interesting and I learned a lot of new things. Over 12,000 fans logged on to submit questions and hear what Dale Jr. had to say. Here are some of the highlights of the video chat…from my perspective anyway! 

Biggest Obstacle This Season
– overcoming adversity and keeping a positive attitude. Jr.  said he gets easily frustrated, so he’s trying to focus on moving forward when something goes wrong instead of dwelling on it. 

Favorite Race of the Season
– Jr. doesn’t really have a favorite race because that would mean that there would be races he didn’t look forward to as well, but he does like the short track races.

Most Influential People in his Life – his Dad, Mom, and Kelly and Rick Hendrick.  He tries to follow good examples of people around him.

Appearance – he has no tattoos and plans to keep the beard for awhile.

Favorite Car He’s Raced – the Gray Ghost from the All-Star Race.

Favorite Cars – Cameros and Corvettes.

Favorite AMP Flavor – Lightning (yellow can), orange and grape.

Drivers He Seeks Advice From
– Mark Martin, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Dale Jarrett.

Favorite Foods – Anything with teriyaki sauce, pizza….but he’s trying to eat healthier these days.

Nicknames – Doesn’t really like the nickname Junebug anymore…but is OK with being called Jr.  Thinks it’s weird when people call him Dale.

Thing He’d Like to Change About the NASCAR Season
– Would like a couple more weeks off during the season to give the crew a chance to refresh and spend time with their friends and families.

Each week, ampupthe88.com will feature live video chats with members of the 88 crew.  This week’s chat will be on 2/24 at 12:30 p.m. ET with Lance McGrew.  I just might check that one out, too!

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